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Gain a competitive advantage in your market through technological efficiencies, enhanced operations, and optimized workflows across your business

Our continual support and monitoring make us a great fit for any industry, with customized plans to meet your needs

Manage your client information and reports through enterprise grade platforms
Leverage cloud-computing processes so your team can work just as productively from anywhere
Over 20 years in business, and in that time only one client cancelled services

We increase your business productivity by combining our extensive knowledge in Security, Cloud Services, Network Design, and Compliance with our powerful Enterprise Grade Platforms – whether your employees are in-office, off-site, or spread abroad

Specific Challenges for Your Industry

Each industry faces specific and unique challenges. Level IV’s diverse experience enables us to provide your business with the best solution for your needs, goals, and growth


Replace repetitive tasks throughout your business with automation. We make it easy for you to scale your business by leveraging best-fit technology. With better processes in all areas of your business, you’ll deliver better, faster results for your clients

Protect your biggest asset – your customers – and minimize downtime with increased security, backups, restoration capabilities, and data center solutions

Health Care

With compliance experts on your team, be confident your entire environment, patient data, and health care data is protected according to industry requirements. You’ll always perform well on mandated audits, as we manage and maintain a robust security protocol with Enterprise Grade tools

Architecture & Engineering

Your clients expect you to offer innovation in your services, and you should be looking for that same quality within your IT partner. With collective-effort projects utilizing teams of employees on central file programs such as AutoCAD & REVIT, you need a server and network fast and strong enough to manage the load

Slow processing brings every employee’s efficiency to a crawl. Keep them up and running efficiently and proactively with our innovative, expert IT services

Construction Management

Whether on the job site or in the office, your construction management team needs to run efficiently. Control and protect your bids, project plans, and data with secure solutions that can be accessed from anywhere through virtual desktops and cloud solutions

Take advantage of enterprise grade platforms to grow your business and improve efficiency, so you can complete projects on time and within budget… resulting in client satisfaction, repeat business, referrals, and greater revenue


With our fixed monthly pricing, you can set your budget around our service and forecast your IT budget each year. We do our research up front, to make sure we’re offering you the exact level of service you need – not over- or under-selling your solution.

Partner with us to create a secure infrastructure throughout your local government, protecting your tax paying residents as well as your employees from cyber threats. With compliance always on our mind, you’ll meet your audit requirements, but also serve the community better with secure, high-speed access to data

Enterprise Grade Systems to Support Your Growth

By partnering with Level IV, not only do you have the benefit of our decades of
technical experience, but also our innovative approach to enterprise grade
systems at a shared system cost

How It Works

Level IV invests in enterprise-grade platforms used throughout the industry

We push the limit of platform capacity, using it in ways no one thinks of. We dig in and look for efficiencies, not just operationally, but also financially for you

You get access to our platforms at a true value, through our unique shared-service approach to enterprise solutions

We have fun with technology and enjoy innovating for our clients. You won’t find these options anywhere else, because we created them ourselves

Your business deserves the ability to leverage every advantage available to beat the competition. We give you that opportunity… through an endless Return on Innovation

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