Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity


Business continuity is on the top of every business owner’s mind. Keep your teams running smoothly, efficiently, and securely regardless of crisis and location.

Maintain Operations with Enterprise Grade Tools

With our innovative approach to enterprise grade platforms, your business will be up and running from any location without missing a beat

Disaster Plans and Protocols: You never know when a disaster will hit, and you need a plan in place before it does. Like an insurance policy for technology, we proactively prepare and sustain your business for any crisis
Backups and Restoration: We back up and replicate your data and servers, so they can be easily restored in a crisis. To ensure security, we own and manage all of our platforms – in a true enterprise grade manner – keeping your business, employees, clients, and information safe from threats
Security and Speed for Robust Remote Access: When your team works remotely, you need to know their information is secure on all devices across WiFi networks, both public and private, or at a client location. Develop and implement the proper Business Continuity components now before the next crisis arisee

Each company has their own concerns when it comes to a crisis. We take your unique challenges into account as we develop your customized business continuity plan

How It Works

Level IV invests in enterprise platforms with increased security options and higher processing speeds

We play around with these top-of-the-line platforms and find ways to make them work for business of all sizes

When we create a solution, you gain the competitive advantage in your industry with access to our enterprise platforms at a shared-services cost

Your business shouldn’t let technology keep you down in a crisis. Be up and running quickly, and efficiently with our enterprise grade platforms, systems, and security. 

Pandemic Preparedness: Disaster Recovery
Beyond Weather & Power Outages

2020 taught us that disasters can be more than fires, hurricanes, and blizzards. How did your workforce perform when tested with the remote workforce requirements forced upon you by COVID-19?

Were your employees dragging home desktop computers and purchasing GotoMyPC licensing? Did your VPN productivity slow to a crawl? Are you still unsure whether Zoom is secure enough for client communication?

Or did you have the systems in place to maintain a seamless workflow?

Ensure your business keeps running (especially when you still have electricity and high-speed internet!) with a customized plan to address all failures and concerns. Whether you need cloud-based storage, virtual desktops, or high-speed, redundant VPN configurations, keep your company secure and efficient no matter the crisis.

Our Services

We offer innovative solutions for all of your IT needs, as well as consulting so you can be confident your technology is running as efficiently as possible. Request a FREE analysis and consultation to develop customized solutions for your business needs