Cloud Services



Innovative solutions and partnerships to give you a competitive advantage within your industry

The innovation doesn’t end with your customized solution and service plan. By working with Level IV, you will receive unparalleled service, access to enterprise grade efficiencies made possible through our innovative shared platform approach

Receive the highest level of security and data protection without the exorbitant start-up costs and time frames associated with build vs. buy
Maximize uptime across your company, especially when disasters occur, with our seamless cloud services
Maintain the highest level of performance across your systems while complying with industry-mandated security practices
Partner with our decades of IT experience to address all of your technology questions and drive your growth

With public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), you have very limited control over where and how data is stored, if and when changes are implemented. If your industry requires strict data security, those cloud solutions fall short. Through your partnership with Level IV, you receive customized enterprise grade security and performance, at a shared services cost

How It Works: Making an Enterprise System Work for You

Level IV invests in enterprise grade platforms

We dive in, explore, and create ways to make it work for our clients as a shared service

You receive all the enterprise benefits and efficiencies at a fraction of the cost

We have fun with technology and enjoy innovating for our clients. You won’t find these options anywhere else, because we created them ourselves

Your business deserves the ability to leverage every advantage available to beat the competition. We give you that opportunity… through an endless Return on Innovation

Components of Cloud Services

Your company needs more from a cloud service than AWS, Google Drive or Dropbox can provide. Keep your data secure and accessible with a customized cloud infrastructure from Level IV

Most backups services lack the intelligence to provide forward moving savings. When you need data restored, you need it done quickly, and accurately. With Level IV, you leverage the best enterprise grade backup systems in the industry

Desktop Virtualization is the key to building an efficient remote workforce. With enterprise grade technology, you can give your team the speed and flexibility they need at a shared-service cost to your business

Migrate your in-house Domain Controller to our Cloud Domain Service. Operationally, nothing changes for your workforce. As a business owner, you receive time savings, cost savings, and operational efficiency. You never have to purchase another server, hard drive, or memory module again. No more painful migrations from one server to another. We keep your team up and running smoothly from anywhere on an enterprise grade platform at a shared services cost

With cloud-based secure email, malware and phishing emails never make it to your inbox. Your data is safer than ever with enterprise grade protection

If your IT team already has the tools needed to run your company, you may be looking into a colocation facility for your servers with power, cooling, and Internet redundancy. We’ll maintain everything in facilities we occupy: facilities housing the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon

Other Services

Looking for more than just cloud services? We have you covered with innovative IT solutions and consulting for all areas of your business. You don’t gain another vendor: we become your partner, intimately familiar with each area of your business and how it fits together, so you see and feel your business running efficiently across the board

Through partnership with Level IV, you have access to our
extensive knowledge and decades of experience

We won’t make you fit into a pre-defined process.

We’ll customize each solution, and service plan to your specific needs.